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Plastic Pigments pearlescent pigment

Colour No. : YT****

Colour : Gold Red Purple Blue Green Yellow White Bronze

Particle description : <15μm,5-25μm,10-60μm,10-100μm,40-200μm,45-500μm

Pearlescent pigments can be used in nearly all thermoplastics and most processes.Their effects are most intense in transparent resins like PS, PP, PE, PVC, acrylic,styrene-block copolymers, and silicone. It is also possible to attain pearlescence and luster in polymers having little or no transparency as with nylon, ABS&HIPS,but only with higher pigment loadings. 

We supply various products for the plastics industry, which can be used to create stunning visual effects. The metal-based effect pigments reflect light falling on their surface. 

This reflection generates a brilliant metallic effect. In all cases the different grades of pigment and the different inherent colorings of the plastics will influence opacity and the metallic effect produced.

The pearl pigment can be used in the transparent and semitransparent plastic resin, using the pearlescent pigment will bring a kind of pleasant color and luster vision result. 

The resin with a better transparency can fully represent the peculiar gloss and color result of the pearl pigment . As for the resin not very transparent., because of their processing characteristics ,they can also represent the gloss and color result of the pigment. 

The pearlescent pigment is extensively applied to plastic products, such as cosmetics container, all kinds of packages, toys, ornament materials, various kinds of membrane,etc...

Pearl pigment for Plastic Application for Reference

Plastic Bottles
Plastic Parts
Plastic Films
Latex And Rubber Products

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We can meet any of your customized requirements, such as special package, your own logo, natural ingredients, new mica color match, MSDS & TDS are available etc.

About us:

Yortay Fine Chemicail Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and distributor of Pearl Pigments. Our products are in a wide range, and widely used in different fields, with superior quality and competitive price. Effect pigments include conventional pearls and special effect of pearl pigment. Conventional grade include Silver, Interference, Mica iron and Gold, Re-colored series,etc. Special effects series include Crystal, Diamond, Chameleon, Titanium Crystal, Double color series, ect. Our objects are to make your products more attractive to people’s eyes. 

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