Advantages of sunflower supply chain

February 01, 2021

At the beginning of the new year, a relatively serious new crown epidemic broke out in local areas such as Shijiazhuang and Xingtai in Hebei Province, and there were also sporadic cases in surrounding provinces and cities. In the face of the epidemic, Sunflower Group has firm confidence, calmly responded, made concerted efforts to prevent and control in a scientific and orderly manner. At the same time, the unique "sales, transportation, production, and supply" supply chain system demonstrates strong advantages and maintains a stable and efficient Running. For this reason, the group company proposed: No matter how the epidemic situation develops in the first quarter of this year, it must ensure that "production will only increase but not decrease, profits will only increase but not decrease, raw material inventories will only increase but not decrease, product inventories will only decrease but not increase, and expenses will only be "Increase" the phased goal.
So, how can the unique supply chain system of "sales, transportation, production, and supply" ensure the stable and orderly operation of its production and operation continuously and efficiently?
Sales--Prosperity and Justice
During the epidemic, the group changed the marketing scheduling meeting to a daily scheduling mode, and all business personnel started a 24-hour scheduling status, and the group reported once a day. Make a daily sales plan to ensure clear sales and inventory data. The strategy of full production, sales and zero inventory is unwavering. The coke is directly loaded and shipped after the production process without being moved or landed; the inventory of chemical products is kept at a minimum tank capacity. Finely control the days of advance receipts, maintain a high level of fund collection, and increase total sales while matching the transportation structure, corresponding to regions and varieties. Relying on the Group’s market research platform, we continue to pay attention to changes in the price of coke and related chemicals in various regions, from macro, micro, transaction data, historical data, combined with production and sales balance, applying big data analysis to make accurate demand forecasts and price forecasts, and promote reasonable price increases , Widen the price difference of coal and coke, and ensure the profit target. In response to the situation of limited sales in the chemical market under the double test of the epidemic and winter, through the analysis of “one household, one policy”, the product flow direction was adjusted in time to avoid slow sales of products, increase company revenue, and ensure reasonable inventory. Pay more attention to the production and operation dynamics of steel mills, including shipments, payment collection, coke inventory days, whether there is a limited shutdown plan, etc., and update the data every day. In the current situation of extremely tight coke supply, the Group has further implemented the "brand + service" marketing strategy, and made every effort to ensure all the needs of old customers, help customers solve problems, and let customers truly appreciate the feelings of honesty and assistance and assistance to overcome difficulties. Responsible, showing the image and deeds of Sunflower Group as a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise, and won unanimous praise. Many customers called specifically to express Sunflower Group's sincerity in the urgent needs of customers, and the efforts made by Sunflower Group to overcome many difficulties have won the respect of the industry.